Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Quick Expert

Quick Expert is a registered and incorporated organization based in India. We strive to remain at your service. Our company deals with the task of controlling a huge amount of data we receive from our customers through our website, application, IVR etc. We ensure and respect your privacy and to maintain your data safely and privately, we have framed our privacy policy that will help you to understand why we collect your information and how we use it in certain legal ways. Please go through it carefully to understand our terms. The data you provide is stored by us in two basic ways, which are either directly or through automatic data capturing. Have a look to understand how we access and store your valuable data, but within the complete legal limits. At the same time, we assure you that your privacy won't be breached.

When do we collect the data directly?

Mostly, the data is collected directly by the information you offer through various modes like when you register your account with us or simply, have a chat for personal assistance. Here are the details of what exactly is stored by our servers:


You can register on our website or app by using your Google/ Facebook account or simply with a mobile number and the following information is collected by us which is later organized in a meaningful way i.e the data and then, finally recorded and maintained. When you register through your Google account, our servers store your first name, last name, and email address which helps us to know you better. While registering through the Facebook account, we save your first and last name respectively. Gender, age, email address, and other additional data might be collected, but only when you grant permission through the settings.  When you enter a mobile number to register with us, only data that is recorded by our servers is your mobile number

Website/ Application/ Chat feature

While accessing our website or application, along with some basic information like contact number, email address, etc, we save some of your credit and/or debit card details. But no details of CVV are stored. We guarantee you, literally no one, including us, can access your monetary details so you do not have to be worried about that. Similarly, when you connect with us using the "chat" feature and talk with someone from our team regarding the problems you are facing or just give valuable feedback to us, we store some important information. This helps us to know your point of view and improve our services accordingly. So, if you need any kind of assistance, someone from our team will be made available to help you out.

When do we collect the data through Automatic Data Capturing?

The other method through which we store your data is by Automatic Data Capturing. In simple terms, when you navigate through our website we store some data like your device information, location, click-stream data, etc which helps us to keep a track of your choices. Below are the details of the important data we store for different purposes:

Device Information

When you access our services through a device like a smartphone or a laptop, we get hold of certain pieces of information through your device like your current network provider, unique identifiers, version of the software you are using currently, etc. Such information is later linked with your account on our platform to know what may work for you and what may not. 


You can play your part in helping us in enhancing customer experience by sharing your information. The content you post reaches thousands of people near you who can act as potential buyers of your service or product. We collect information about your location through GPS, mobile network towers, Wi-Fi access points, IP address, etc. We strongly recommend you to enable location sharing so that you don't have to face any problem while accessing our services. 


In simple terms, cookies serve as a set of information in bits through which we can know our customers better. Our website uses cookies to store information like your browsing history, username, date, time of visiting and exiting the page, etc. These are saved in the hard disk of your system. Again, you have to grant us permission for enabling cookies so that next time you visit the website, it can be loaded faster than ever and we can show you relatable ads.

Client, log and click-stream data

We record your activity on our website and apps like the content you searched, pages you visited and other important information like passwords, current time zone, web browser and its version, Internet Protocol address, date of registration, etc to serve you better

All this data is important to our organization. You all are our important customers. We won't take any action to lose our valuable assets so we always double-check that your data is not leaked illegally to third-party organizations.

Why do we record your data?

We store data to enhance your experience on our portal so that you do not suffer in any way while visiting our websites, apps, etc. We have to update our services from time to time to increase your engagement and form a friendly as well as a professional relationship, thus we save your information. At the same time, our team constantly strives to make sure that your data is not leaked to anyone illicitly. Your privacy and safety are our first concern and we promise, we will never compromise on that, no matter what! Other than that, we record data for two purposes:

Also, all the data that includes information regarding money transactions is highly secured and encrypted through advanced SSL technology. Adapting such technologies ensure that any confidential information regarding money matters is not accessed by anyone, but you.

Also, data retention by our servers is for a particular time duration, depending upon the importance of data and the cause of saving it. As soon as the purpose of maintaining our records gets fulfilled, we delete the data. You are free to ask us to delete all your data anytime and we will do that without even questioning you.

With whom do we share your data?

As mentioned, for better user experience, we share your data with the following organizations:

Our Experts and the Concerned Staff

Our experts will need your details to be able to contact you and reach you. Whereas, our staff might need your details to coordinate the arrangement. All the information will strictly be shared in accordance with the services you wish to avail of.

Corporate Agencies

Firms that provide us with customer support, service enhancement, fraud detection, etc receive your information to help us further. They detect the faults in our management, analyze your valuable feedback, and help us to enhance our services.

Advertising and Analytics Providers

Our analytics providers help us to improve our services by forming the required strategies and plans. Similarly, our advertisers need information about users' preferences to produce relevant ads that might interest you. For this, we have to send your personal information but your identity remains completely anonymous to others.

Law Enforcement Authorities, Regulators, Etc

To maintain legal and regulatory aspects, we have to share your information with respected authorities.

Other than that, when you list out your services or products through our medium, you share your details by your will and all such information will be made available to our respective customers.

Other Important Information

Although we ensure your complete security through various technological and organizational measures, our website of Quick Expert may contain some external links to third-party websites. We are not in charge of any such links and hence you visit them at your risk. It is advised to read their Privacy Policy before using their website. 

We update our Privacy Policy from time to time and any changes made will be available to you through email and Quick Expert account. Further, we will connect with you through SMS, in-app notifications, emails, etc either to promote our services or inform you about your recent activities including the transactions made.